Dr. Shkolnikov's research interests and efforts

Main research field is theoretical quantum electronics and nonlinear optics, with particular interest in ultrashort electromagnetic pulses. Recent developments have made it possible to generate laser pulses as short as a few femtoseconds, which comprise just 3-4 field oscillation. We investigate even shorter pulses that do not contain any oscillations - sub-cycle, few- and sub-femtosecond pulses and solitons. Such pulses would be, in particular, a unique tool for controlling charge motion in low-dimensional solid-state structures, such as quantum wells, and may therefore become part of novel ultrafast switches and other communication devices. We also investigate quantum control of molecular processes by sub-cycle pulses. The other current research field is high-intensity laser-matter interaction as a bridge between quantum electronics and nuclear physics and as an avenue to laser-based sources of gamma-radiation, neutrons, and positrons for medical and material science applications.

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